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As we know that Education is an important medium of acquiring essential knowledge and skills. It is an effort of older generation to transfer their life wisdom to their offspring’s. So in this constantly changing & developing world it is very important to teach and make them intelligent people who could understand the problems of changing society and solve them in Proper way.

Education plays a vital role in shaping people & achieve Success. It gives the opportunity to become a live member of a civilized society by acquiring all the necessary skills. Through education only we learn how to meet challenges and overcome obstacles. 


So, looking towards the importance of the education and the gaps analyzed between the standard education and in the areas where Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation is working from last two decades with a vision to provide microfinance services for BPL in Rural Areas women to lift themselves and their families out of poverty along with ensuring health & Education services to keep their family Healthy & their children’s Educated. Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation established the Health & Education Services department to focus mainly on the programs which support in achieving our company Vision & Mission.


Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation Education Program emphasizes on providing the quality education to beneficiary’s children at their residing villages or at very short distant. Since we know that the any program which is to be executed in the field carries out the solution of the issues prevailing in the concern areas. In Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation operational areas where passing percentage in class 10th board examination is only 17%. It was found that the education quality available in the operational areas of the Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation is very low which somewhere leads to the BPL in Rural Areas academic results. Keeping the concerned issues on priority, Education department established the Education Center  program for its beneficiaries’ children’s.


To provide educational assistance to the children of Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation Education beneficiaries’, under one roof, the concept of Remedial Education emerged. Through Remedial Education it is ensured to provide elementary education, support classes to the enrolled children at Center, so that they could become competent according to their academic and their retention in school can be ensured.


To increase the outreach of the group tuition education Program, Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation Education Education Centers are established with the advice and assistance of PRATHAM especially in terms of tutor training and provision of curriculum, with an aim to provide support classes at very low cost. Initially Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation Education jointly bears the operating cost  with the community. At these, Varlakshmi Micro Services Federation Education assists beneficiaries children by providing them with group tuition classes where sessions are delivered to children pre and post-school timings. The basic idea is that if the tuition is given to the children in groups, the cost can be divided among parents, resulting in minimal fees.

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